Senator Proposes Gay Beach In Playa Del Carmen

Senator Proposes Gay Beach In Playa Del Carmen

Senator Proposes Gay Beach In Playa Del Carmen

We all know that Playa Del Carmen is a very Gay Friendly place and over the years there have been a few ‘Unofficial Gay Friendly’ beaches in town. Beaches like Shangri-La next to Mamitas or Mamitas Beach itself are spots where the gay boys frequently lay out. However, there has never been a nice gay designated area where we can all specifically go to, gather around and feel totally free.

Quintana Roo Senator At The Forefront Of Change!
Senator Luz María Beristain, from the Democratic Revolution Party, has strongly suggested the implementation of a gay-friendly designated beach area in Quintana Roo in order to amplify and promote the area as a respected sexually diverse tourist destination. She mentioned that there are over 180 million LGBT tourists each year who seek vacation spots around Mexico where they can feel comfortable and respected. A huge number that cannot be ignored.

Senadora Luz Maria Berstain Gay Beach Playa Del Carmen

The Senator mentioned Brasil as an example of a destination that welcomes thousands of LGBT tourists each year in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Salvador. She understands the extremely lucrative possibilities that exists in targeting our specific community. For this to happen though, the area needs to be more inclusive and welcoming to this specific niche.

Quintana Roo has already made gay marriage legal last year and having a LBGT designated beach would be a huge step towards establishing Playa Del Carmen as a world renowned gay destination. Let’s hope Senator Beristain gets to accomplish her vision and we thank her for supporting us and being on our side! We totally support you!

Proposal For Designated Gay Beach

icon-square The LGBT Community represents around 180 million people who look for a tourist destination in Mexico where to go spend their vacations and money.
icon-square LGBT Tourists look for equality, respect, security, inclusion, and comfort when choosing destinations and services.
icon-square Regard for Diversity would be promoted.
icon-square Designated beach areas would provide the LGBT Tourism the required necessities in order to increase the potential of the destination and increase the favorable income in such areas
icon-square Gay designated beaches and establishments are recognized and valued worldwide.

Social Media Campaign
This is the image that the Senator started circulating and promoting in Social Media this past week. Let’s get everybody’s support and move this great idea forward!

Senator Proposes Gay Beach In Playa Del Carmen

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