RMFF 2015 Riviera Maya Film Fesrtival Guide: 7 Films Not To Miss

RMFF 2015 Guide: 7 Films Not To Miss!

RMFF 2015 Riviera Maya Film Fesrtival Guide: 7 Films Not To Miss

It’s time for another edition of the fabulous Riviera Maya Film Festival 2015. Its Fourth! This year’s event takes place from Thursday April 23rd to the Wednesday April 29th right here in Playa Del Carmen. The beauty of it all? As is the norm, all the screenings are completely FREE to the public. That is why year after year we have seen this Festival grow before our very own eyes. Top-notch organization, big name movies, and a schedule of free screenings for all to see that rivals many festivals around the world it’s no surprise that the popularity increases every time. This year there are more than 70 films that will be screened, including some at invite-only galas that will have some of its directors and actors in attendance.

Riviera Maya Film Festival 2015 Guide

With so many films to choose from, it can get a bit overwhelming for the casual fan to the pick from the extensive programme. If you are a film buff though, these types of festivals are heaven on earth and it’s hard to go wrong with whatever you choose to watch. However, out of the entire programme, we have specially chosen 7 Films that we feel will be of interest to everybody who follows Friendly. There are some amazingly accomplished directors bringing their new films. Some hot hot actors that we can’t get enough of. Some truly inspiring or intriguing story-lines. All in all, there is a bit of everything!

Check out the info on each of our selected films on this page (cast, schedules, etc).
icon-square 1. Saint Laurent (France)
icon-square 2. Slow West (USA)
icon-square 3. Elvira, Te Daria Mi Vida Pero La Estoy Usando (Mexico)
icon-square 4. Manglehorn (USA)
icon-square 5. Fort Buchanan (France)
icon-square 6. Iris (USA)
icon-square 7. The Smell Of Us (France)

icon-external-link-square Download Extra: Official Full RMFF 2015 Program With All Listings



Film. France/Belgium.

Saint Laurent Riviera Maya Film Festival RMFF 2105

icon-user Cast: Gaspard Ulliel, Jérémie Renier, Louis Garrel, Léa Seydoux, Amira Casar, Helmut Berger
icon-file-text Synopsis: Saint Laurent is a 2014 French biography drama film co-written and directed by Bertrand Bonello, and starring Gaspard Ulliel as Yves Saint Laurent, Jérémie Renier as Pierre Bergé and Louis Garrel as Jacques de Bascher. The film centers on Saint Laurent’s life from 1967 to 1976, during which time the famed fashion designer was at the peak of his career. RMFF 2015 Selection

icon-heart Friendly Take: The life of the legendary designer is a fascinating tale that appeals to every gay man. Fashion. Divas. Gay sexy and love stories. Fabulous Cities. Need we say more!?

icon-calendar Showtimes:
icon-square Friday Abr 24 17:30 Cinemex Centro Maya 3
icon-square Sunday Abr 26 21:00 Cinemex Centro Maya 6


Slow West

Film. USA.

Slow West Michael Fassbender Riviera Maya Film Festival 2015

icon-user Cast: Michael Fassbender, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Ben Mendelsohn, Caren Pistorius, Rory McCann, Andrew Robertt, Edwin Wright, Kalani Queypo
icon-file-text Synopsis: RMFF 2015 Selection

icon-heart Friendly Take: Michael Fassbender. Need we say more? The incredibly sexy actor could do a film with just him, no words, nothing, and we would still watch it just to enjoy the sight of him!

icon-calendar Showtimes:
icon-square Friday Abr 24 20:15 Cinemex Centro Maya 1
icon-square Monday Abr 27 20:30 Cinemex Centro Maya 6


Elvira, Te Daria Mi Vida Pero La Estoy Usando

Film. Mexico.

Elvira, Te Daria Mi Vida Pero La Estoy Usando Riviera Maya Film Festival RMFF 2105

icon-user Cast: Cecilia Suárez, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Vanessa Bauche, Angie Cepeda, Carlos Bardem
icon-file-text Synopsis: Elvira, una atractiva mujer de 40 años, vive sin mayores complicaciones al lado de su esposo Gustavo y de sus dos pequeños hijos. Un día, su marido sale a comprar cigarros, pero no regresa. Negándose a aceptar lo que parece evidente y con muy poco dinero, Elvira inicia la búsqueda desesperada de Gustavo, es entonces cuando descubre que su pareja tiene un secreto que podría cambiar la vida de su familia. Mezclando el melodrama con la comedia, la película de Caro nació de las “leyendas urbanas” mexicanas del abandono, y pone de manifiesto la fortaleza de la mujer. RMFF 2015 Selection

icon-heart Friendly Take: We have always been a fan of Luis Gerardo Mendez. Did he come out, did he chicken out? We are all confused. However, our gaydar doesn’t deceive us and will support his projects and all Mexican films like true fans. Luis will be present at the 3 screenings so maybe during Q&A somebody can ask him what’s up?!

icon-calendar Showtimes:
icon-square Friday Abr 24 20:30 Hotel Princess **Función con el director y los actores Cecilia Suárez, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Carlos Bardem, Angie Cepeda y Vanessa Bauche
icon-square Saturday Abr 25 21:30 Parque Fundadores * Función con talento
icon-square Sunday Abr 26 22:10 Cinemex Centro Maya 1 * Función con talento



Film. USA.

Manglehorn Al Pacino Riviera Maya Film Festival 2015

icon-user Cast: Al Pacino, Holly Hunter, Harmony Korine, Chris Messina
icon-file-text Synopsis: Manglehorn | RMFF 2015 Selection

icon-heart Friendly Take: Al Pacino is one of the most acclaimed actors of our generation. his Scarface role is one of the all time greats and whenever he puts his name to something we know that it’s quality cinema.

icon-calendar Showtimes:
icon-square Tuesday Abr 28 20:15 Cinemex Centro Maya 2
icon-square Wednesday Abr 29 21:30 Cinemex Centro Maya 2


Fort Buchanan

Film. France/Tunisia.

Fort Buchanan Riviera Maya Film Festival 2015

icon-user Cast: Andy Gillet, David Baiot, Nancy Lane Kaplan, Iliana Zabet
icon-file-text Synopsis: When his husband Frank is sent on a mission to Djibouti, Roger remains behind with his adopted daughter, the temperamental Roxy, at Fort Buchanan, a remote base in the middle of the woods. Over the course of the four seasons he seeks advice, company and consolation from a middle-aged woman, three pretty wives abandoned by their husbands, and a farmer-cum-personal-trainer, all of whom have their own romantic turmoil. RMFF 2015 Selection

icon-heart Friendly Take: A gay story always appeals to us and this is a riveting story of how families are affected by their husbands that are deployed in the military.

icon-calendar Showtimes:
icon-square Friday Abr 24 22:00 Cinemex Centro Maya 1
icon-square Sunday Abr 26 12:30 Cinemex Centro Maya 3



Documentary. USA.

Iris Albert Maysles Riviera Maya Film Festival RMFF 2105

icon-user Cast: Andy Gillet, David Baiot, Nancy Lane Kaplan, Iliana Zabet
icon-file-text Synopsis: IRIS pairs legendary 87-year-old documentarian Albert Maysles with Iris Apfel, the quick-witted, flamboyantly dressed 93-year-old style maven who has had an outsized presence on the New York fashion scene for decades. More than a fashion film, the documentary is a story about creativity and how, even in Iris’ dotage, a soaring free spirit continues to inspire. IRIS portrays a singular woman whose enthusiasm for fashion, art and people are life’s sustenance and reminds us that dressing, and indeed life, is nothing but an experiment. Despite the abundance of glamour in her current life, she continues to embrace the values and work ethic established during a middle-class Queens upbringing during the Great Depression. “I feel lucky to be working. If you’re lucky enough to do something you love, everything else follows.” RMFF 2015 Selection

icon-heart Friendly Take: Iris Apfel is an absolute joy to watch as we can witness that age has not diminished her style, wit or sharp sense of humor. This documentary takes you inside her fascinating world and we just wish that we could all have lived in it throughout the years!

icon-calendar Showtimes:
icon-square Thursday Abr 23 19:45 Cinemex Centro Maya 2
icon-square Saturday Abr 25 22:25 Cinemex Centro Maya 2


The Smell Of Us

Film. France.

The Smell Of Us by Larry Clark Riviera Maya Film Festival RMFF 2105

icon-user Cast: Lukas Ionesco, Niseema Theillaud, Valérie Maës, Dominique Frot, Diane Rouxel, Philippe Rigot, Théo Cholbi, Laurence Bibot, Hugo Behar-Thinières and Ben Yaiche Ryan
icon-file-text Synopsis: A story centered around a group of self-destructive skateboarders in Paris. RMFF 2015 Selection

icon-heart Friendly Take: Director Larry Clark caused quite a stir with his first movie ‘Kids’ nearly 20 years ago. His raw portrayal of young people’s lives continues on this new film with a group of Paris skateboarders exploring life through sex and drugs.

icon-calendar Showtimes:
icon-square Saturday Abr 25 19:00 Cinemex Centro Maya 6 *Showing with Producer Pierre-Paul Puljiz
icon-square Monday Abr 27 21:55 Cinemex Centro Maya 2

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